Every place on the earth is proud of its achievements. The French riviera – is proud of its resorts. Karlovy Vary – of drinking sources. German cities – of automobile plants and breweries. There are also sign city associations with the production in our country: Soligorsk – potash plant, Zhlobin – metallurgical plant, etc.


As for Postavy, both Belarusians and foreigners steadily associate the name of the town with the brand "Postavy gorodok" as well with cheese and milk production. Actually, JSC "Postavy dairy plant" is one of the best and the oldest town-forming enterprises in Postavy and the region.

предприятие ОАО "Поставы городок"



The first historical data of the enterprise



The first archival data of milk-processing enterprise in Postavy had been found in pre-war sources.  July 1, 1939 is considered to be the date of the creation of milk-processing plant in Postavy.

After the liberation of Western Belarus and the formation of Postavy district in 1940, the enterprise aimed at milk reception from inhabitants and primary milk processing. During fascist occupation (1941 – 1944), the plant worked just partially. It was placed on Parkovaya St., 4 and produced only butter. On July 5, 1944 after the liberation of Postavy by the Soviet Army, the plant has continued its work since July 20 of this year. Restoration works were carried out at the same time. The staff of the plant consisted then only of 10 people. Since November, 1944 the plant was a part of the Postavy district masloprom of Molodechno regional masloprom trust.

Since 1949 the enterprise became the head creamery of Molodechno regional trust "Masloprom". On September 7, 1953 Postavy district plant management has been abolished, the plant has received the name "Postavy Creamery" and a certain economic independence. In a year, in November, 1954, it became the head creamery in Postavy district. After the abolition of Molodechno region in 1960 the plant became subordinated to Vitebsk regional trust "Masloprom".

Due to the growth of population in Postavy, to increase in demand for dairy products and also to increase in milk purchase at collective farms, state farms and inhabitants, there arose a question about the necessity of building a new milk-processing plant for the regional center. In this regard, the relevant government made their decision. A plot of land of 2,25 hectares, which was situated from southeast of the town, opposite to the building of a workshop RTS, was allocated for building of a new plant in 1958. In 1961, almost together with the 1st human space launch, building of a new plant was begun on Postavy land in the place, where it  is located nowadays. It was the time of a huge enthusiasm of people. They used to believe - they could outrun anything…



Enterprise today


Today JSC "Postavy dairy plant" is one of the largest enterprises in Postavy region. Specific weight of its production in regional industrial output is more than 50%.

There are 7 milk-processing enterprises (not considering their branches) in Vitebsk region. They produce about 10% of dairy products of total production in the republic. JSC "Postavy dairy plant" is Vitebsk regional enterprise, which is occupying 9,8% in general production of dairy products. Thus, nowadays the share of the plant in overall balance of dairy products of the country is about 1%.


The existing production capacities of the plant are intended on  release in a year (on condition of one-shift work) -1020 t. an animal oil, 6 000 t. of cheese, 22 000 t. of whole-milk production. Cheeses have the largest specific weight today - 60% in total production. Specific weight of whole-milk production is 25%, animal oil – 7%. About 8% is related to other positions (whey, milk replacer and etc.) Nowadays production capacities are loaded at the level, sufficient for profitable work of the enterprise.

Quality is the first and most important consumers demand in the modern world. Achievement of this demand is the primary factor of successful work for a producer and pledge of trust in him. Just for this reason, Postavy dairy plant, from the very beginning and till the present day, firmly follows the principle - produce only qualitative and safe products.