Each place on the earth is proud of the achievements. French riviera of France – the resorts. Karlovy Vary – drinking sources. The German cities – automobile and breweries. In our country there are also sign associations of the cities with the productions which are in them: Soligorsk – potash plant, Jerks – steel works, etc.

As for Postav, for many Belarusians and residents of the abroad, the name of our city steadily is associated with a brand of Postavsky Dairy Plant "Поставы городок" and the syrnomolochny production leaving with him. And it is valid, JSC "Поставский молочный завод"  – one of the best and oldest city-forming enterprises of the city and the area.

предприятие ОАО "Поставы городок"

First historical data on the enterprise

The first archival data on existence in Postavy of the enterprise for processing of milk meet in pre-war sources. On July 1, 1939 it is considered to be date of birth of the Postavy plant on processing of milk.

After liberation of the Western Belarus and formation in 1940 of Postavy district the enterprise aimed at acceptance of milk from the population and its primary processing. During fascist occupation of 1941 - 1944 years the plant worked only partially. It then was placed on Parkovaya St., 4 and produced only butter. After release of Postavy by the Soviet Army on July 5, 1944, since July 20 of this year the plant has continued work. At the same time on I am mute recovery work was conducted. The staff of the plant consisted then only of 10 people. Since November, 1944 the plant was a part of the Postavy raymasloprom of Molodechnensky trust of an oblmasloprom.

Since 1949 the enterprise became head creamery of Molodechnensky regional trust "Masloprom". On September 7, 1953 the Postavy district plant management has been abolished, the plant has received the name "Postavy Creamery" and a certain economic independence. In a year, in November, 1954, it became head creamery in Postavy district. After abolition of the Molodechnensky region in 1960 the plant was included into submission to the Vitebsk regional trust "Masloprom".

Due to growth of the population in the city of Postavy, increase in demand for dairy products and also with increase in volumes of purchases of milk collective farms and state farms and at the population had had a question of need of construction of the new milk-processing plant for the regional center. The relevant government decision has been in this respect made. For construction of the new plant in 1958 the land plot on the area of 2,25 hectares located from southeast side of the city opposite to construction of a workshop of RTS has been allocated. In 1961, almost along with start of the first person in space, on the Postavy earth construction of the new plant on that place where he now also settles down has been begun. It was time of huge enthusiasm of people. They believed that him in power problems of any complexity...


Enterprise today

Today JSC "Поставский молочный завод" is one of the largest enterprises of Postavsky district. Specific weight of his production in regional industrial output is a little more than 31%.

In the Vitebsk region 7 enterprises for processing of milk function (without their branches). They produce about 10% of dairy products of total production in the republic. JSC "Поставский молочный завод" is the regional enterprise of the Vitebsk region occupying 9,8% in the general production of dairy products. Thus, now the share of the plant in overall balance of dairy products of the country makes about 1%.

The existing production capacities of the plant are calculated on release in a year during the single-shift work of 1020 t of oil of an animal, 6 000 t of cheese, 22 000 t of whole-milk production. In total production cheeses – 60% have the largest specific weight today. Specific weight of whole-milk production is 25%, animal oils – 7%. About 8% are the share of other positions. Now production capacities are loaded at the level sufficient for profitable work of the enterprise.

In the modern world the first and most important requirement to any production from consumers is a quality. Performance of this condition is a paramount factor of successful work of the producer and pledge of trust to him. For this reason the Postavy dairy plant from the very beginning of the basis firmly follows the principle to turn out only qualitative and safe products.