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Поставский молочный завод
Поставский молочный завод

Our motto is: «From good to better, from better to perfection».
1-Meeting the demands and requirements of consumers.
 It means that we understand their dependence on customers, the importance of meeting all its requirements, as well as one of the conditions for successful business.
We are an enterprise where consumer is a key figure.
2- Establishing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.
This means that the quality of purchased raw materials affects the quality of our finished products.
We work with those who also rely on the quality.
3- Development of production.
It means that to operate successfully in a competitive environment, management finds it necessary to introduce in the production of the very best of technology at home and abroad.
We are developing company, receptive to the new.
4- Informed involvement of all staff from director to emplyee in process quality control, the maximum development of their creative abilities.
It means that employees at all levels make up the essence of the enterprise. Full involvement provides an opportunity to use their talents for the benefit of the company.
We are an enterprise which bases its activities on leadership of entire staff.
5- Improving the quality management system (QMS) is consistent with the requirements of STB ISO 9001.
It means that using a quality management system, our team guarantees the quality of the products at all stages of its life cycle.
Tool for policy implementation is the QMS.
Heads of JSC «Pastavy Dairy Plant» is responsible for policy implementation in the field of quality improvement and quality systems.

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