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Поставский молочный завод
Поставский молочный завод

Sour-milk beverages

Dietary and medicinal properties of sour-milk drinks effect on the human body micro-organisms and substances generated as a result of biochemical processes occurring in the sourdough of milk. And uptake of sour-milk drinks higher digestibility of milk. 

The impact of drink on the secretary activity of stomach and intestine, contributes to the provision of intensive enzymes glands digestive tract.

Our plant produces sour-milk beverages, its taste is tonic. Carbon dioxide and alcohol push the stomach, and the use of sour-milk beverages helps to improve appetite.

Lactic acid has beneficial effects on intestinal microflora, supports a high level of immunity, tones up the cardiovascular and nervous system.

And who does not remember this sour-milk drink with a pleasant taste of melted milk?

Ryazhenka “Postavy Gorodok” is made of melted milk and it has a cream tint and it matches with a thick consistency excellent

Sour-milk beverage

Sour-milk beverage

Fat: 3,2 %
Expiring: 72 hours
Net weight: 1 kg- 0,2 kg
Energy value: 57,6 Kcal
Вырабатывается по: СТБ 970; ТИ РБ 300567362.013 – 2007
Storage temperature: 2-6 °С



Fat: 3,5 %
Expiring: 5 days
Type of packaging: pure-pack
Net weight: 0,2 kg
Energy value: 59,5 Kcal
Вырабатывается по: ТУ РБ 100098867.101
Storage temperature: 2-6 °С

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